Tuesday, July 30, 2019

For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration

Sorry this love letter is written in blood.
Embossing feelings on white linen paper
makes people believe you are genuine.
The songs are all lost because the guitar
caught fire. I read the script ahead of time.
The ending involves floods and fires
and possibly food stamps. Protozoa
are not scared of the end of the world
so why should we be? I’m hoping
God hits a switch and we evolve in time.
My children buoy joy above despair.
The foundation of civilization is leaking
but look for the people with buckets.
My t-shirt says One Man Renaissance.
Trying is the best form of optimism.
How many different ways can I write
the word helpless? Or happiness? Or
real love? I miss being ten years old,
chewing raw spearmint in a forest alone. 
I miss the sidewalk soju trucks in Seoul
during monsoon season which is funny
since I no longer drink. The way you had
to hold your umbrella open even under
the tent to keep the rain from reaching
your clothes. The other side of the street
abstracted, lost in the torrent. Free live
minnows came swimming in a glass
for each table. One time they were gone.
My friend Neal said solemnly under
his black umbrella that it would be better
if the little fishies were here. I agreed,
as I agree now. When the rain thwacks
down on you, there should be a reward.
Let’s get lost in the downpour. Open
our mouths. Taste the fine print.

By Chris Banks

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